Are you ready to love yourself, exactly
As You Are?

It’s time to let go of the Mental Weight that
has you doubting your lovability. Your
playfulness. Your joy.

Because you are beautiful exactly as you are.

Our monthly membership site will provide you with solid facts and thoughtful information. You will have access to videos with all sorts of information–from recipes to hysterical stories to meditations. Each month we’ll also suggest some things for you to contemplate on–homework, if you will, that will bring our message home to you.

Community is a big piece of what is missing for a lot of adults, and especially for heavy people. There can be a lot of fears that get in the way of making new friends, or even going out with old ones (can I fit in that restaurant booth?) While not a replacement for in-person friends, many people find real connection with friends that they meet online. We be hosting a private Facebook group, only open to members of This is a safe space to connect, brainstorm, laugh, and support each other. I will also be participating –I don’t want to miss out on any of the group love! My experience with Facebook groups is that the more you give, the more the magic happens. It’s an amazing place to make real friends.

Suprises! Regularly! I love to make people happy, and so am always concocting ways to bring smiles to others’ faces. Be on the lookout for regular bonuses. I don’t want to give anything away, but I do have some amazing connections with brilliant speakers, fantastic discounts up my sleeve, and a huge desire to make some in-person get togethers happen 🙂

What’s included in the As You Are Membership?


Each month we’ll examine a key component of loving yourself. We’re talking about components that apply to everybody, but seem augmented when they’re applied to heavy people.

One is example is your sense of humor. If yours seems to be in hiding–don’t worry, we’ll be bringing it back out to play! The ability to laugh at life and sometimes even ourselves is one of the things that so easily brings joy back into people’s lives. We’ll figure out what cracks you up, and how to get more of it.

How about connecting with others? It’s no secret that making new friends as adults is not always easy. Besides building friendships within our Facebook group, we’ll also look at ways to build them within your own communities. And ways to embrace those connections so they can become true friendships.

What about those dreaded components of every fat person’s “Wellness” program–food and exercise? Well, we’re unique, but not so unique that we’re going to ignore these. We realize that we all need and want to eat and can all benefit from movement. This, however, is where similarity to other programs stops!


We are not going to tell you what to eat. When we talk about food, we’ll talk about healthy eating, not diets. We’ll talk about best practices in healthy eating for weight loss, but, please hear me, this is NOT ABOUT MAKING YOU FOLLOW WHAT WE SAY! If you don’t believe in paying attention to the food you eat, I have no problem with that. If you go on a new diet every other month, that’s fine, too. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOUR BODY!! It’s about your spirit, and that will always be the focus.

And then there’s the dreaded four letter word, Exercise. (Oops, that’s more than 4 letters, right?)

I started Zize Bikes because the only exercise in the world that I liked to do was biking, and there were no bikes for fat people. I do not do, nor do I advocate you doing, exercise for the sake of a “workout.” In my opinion, it’s for fun only. There are often perks, like you feel amazing, but that is not what drives me to exercise. I do it cause it fun. And frankly, my sense is that if you really wanted to exercise to get your workouts in, you might not be looking at this program. I’m going to encourage you to identify some things you love to do and find ways to do them. Until it’s fun.

No Races. No Stress. Just Fun.

“I think for the most part the folks who really need things like this are overlooked. Thank you for remembering us. It was nice dealing with Joan. She took the time to answer all my many questions. Very pleasant experience.”

“Not many people seem to be looking out for fat folks (unless they’re trying to sell us a diet). Joan’s the real thing.”

“I contacted Joan and what I encountered made me weep silently on the phone as this lady who did not even know me and had never met me understood my dream, my fears, and my dedication. I am forever grateful for her giving me back a piece of myself.”

If you sign up now, this is what you’ll get:

  • FREE list of easy ways to meet people you will like
  • Free Copy of the Kindle Book “Help! My Teenager is Struggling with Childhood Obesity,” written by Joan.
  • Huge savings over the regular pricing.
  • Guidelines to show you steps to take to learn to embrace every wonderful bit of you.
  • A slower, structured pace of change, so that you still have time for all the rest of the your life while you’re making steps towards a better you.

Special Pricing for Webinar Attendees is ending soon!

Monthly Membership


PER MONTH, paid monthly

Monthly access to identified topic (i.e. we’re not talking about food every month)

Stories that illustrate how to implement the growth and development strategies suggested

Assignments that encourage you to practice your new self-care muscles

Participation in our private As You Are Facebook group.

Monthly videos.

Regular surprises!

Yearly Special Offer


PER YEAR, paid Annually

Monthly access to identified topic (i.e. we’re not talking about food every month)

Stories that illustrate how to implement the growth and development strategies suggested

Assignments that encourage you to practice your new self-care muscles

Participation in our private As You Are Facebook group.

Monthly videos.

Regular surprises!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have the time or motivation to go “all in” right now on a transformation program.

As You Are is a softer, gentler kind of program. It’s deeper than your body, it’s for your spirit. I want you to come to As You Are so you can walk back into your life with the confidence that you are already perfect as you are. You are already enough as you are. And you are already beautiful, just as you are! The work you encounter within this program is soul work. It’s not berating or belittling. It’s uplifting and encouraging. You don’t have to go “all in.” You can sit back and receive, watch others ask questions and begin to hope that maybe what is said over and over again is really true. You are beautiful right now.

What if I feel like the topic of the month doesn’t pertain to me?

Our topics are broad enough that really, everyone can benefit from them. Let’s say the monthly topic is about love, and you have a partner that you feel great about. There is always room to grow in every direction, and using some time during that month to focus on ways to give and receive even deeper love with your partner could open up things you’d never expected. Like life, our topics have many layers, and you can alway dig deeper. Plus you’ll have great insights to share with your Facebook friends!

How will I stay motivated in a monthly course?

The exclusive As You Are Facebook group will be there to support you as you change, grow, develop, get stuck, or celebrate. I personally will be posting there at least several times a week, so you will be constantly reminded to come back to the learning and growing in the truth that you don’t have to change anything to be worthy of love and belonging. You will also receive emails about updated content. These can serve as gentle reminders to come back to the ideas and encouragements of As You Are. As you learn to love yourself as you are and trust your heart, you will know what parts of the site are calling you. I will encourage you to do what feels delicious and delightful!

I’m successfully losing weight right now, so the content doesn’t seem to pertain to me.

Congratulations for finding a way to live that is changing your body shape, because that seems to be what you want. (Most, but not all, of us do!) While the physical transformation is shaping up for you, how do you feel in your heart? Many formerly heavy people seem to carry that “heavy” feeling with them once they’ve lost weight, and they end up still not feeling fulfilled and self-loving. If you’re already into or have completed a major transformation, As You Are is a perfect way to ensure that the changes you make will allow you to integrate your whole self into your new shape.

When will I be charged?

Your first charge will occur when you initially sign-up, and you will then be billed on a regular interval (either monthly or yearly, as you select) starting from the date you sign-up.

Can I cancel my membership, if needed?

Yes, of course. There are zero obligations associated with your membership. I’m certain that the value and depth of information provided to you month will prove to be worth many times the cost of the membership, but you certainly can cancel if you wish to.

Are you ready for As You Are?

This program is for you if…

  • You are ready to learn how to show up for life.
  • You want to build connections with others who are practicing the same skills.
  • You’ve had enough of not feeling good about yourself.

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You don’t want to make waves, and would rather just take people’s bad attitudes than stand up for yourself.
    Totally happy with yourself and your life, and don’t really want to make any changes.

About Your Instructor

After spending a lot of time learning to like, then accept, and then really love myself, it has become my passion to see other people live full lives, too.


I’m Joan Denizot, the Founder of Zize Bikes is the only company WORLD-WIDE (yes, you read that correctly!) that specializes in bicycles for heavy people. I started Zize Bikes because I wanted to ride a bike, and I learned that bikes were not built strong enough for people who weigh more than 250 pounds. I wasn’t having any of THAT, so I built a company that produces strong, smooth-riding bikes that can hold riders up to 550 pounds.


Twelve years of working with big people as customers has highlighted something else for me, and that is the isolation too many of us put ourselves through. It’s as if we’ve decided that if we’re not slim we don’t deserve to have a life filled with joy and love. I say ENOUGH! I’ve developed As You Are as a way of guiding people towards self-love and acceptance. There’s a lot to change, but there is joy in the journey. Let’s begin it now!


I’m an entrepreneur and teacher, and my passion is helping people recognize the greatness that is in each of us.

If you spend any time doubting your self-worth, and that doubt is related to your belief about your body size, then please join

The lessons, the transformations, the stories, the camraderie, and the love can make a big
difference in how you live your life. You deserve it.