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During this free webinar, you will learn:

How to live life the way YOU want

We'll learn to identify things we can do and approaches we can take to life a full, confident life.

To truly love yourself

Inner beauty is the key for each of us. We'll explore and celebrate our own amazingness!

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To identify and Set Boundaries

We'll look at the negatives in your life, and learn techniques to eliminate or minimize their impact on your happiness.

To revel in the power and joy of community

Open hearts and open minds create support in so many varied ways.

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Meet the presenter...

Joan Denizot, Founder of As You Are and Zize Bikes

I’m Joan Denizot, the Founder of Zize Bikes is the only company world-wide that specializes in bicycles for heavy people. I started Zize Bikes because I wanted to ride a bike, and I learned that bikes were not built strong enough for people who weigh more than 250 pounds. I wasn’t having any of THAT, so I built a company that produces strong, smooth-riding bikes that can hold riders up to 550 pounds.

Twelve years of working with big people as customers has highlighted something else for me, and that is the isolation too many of us put ourselves through. It’s as if we’ve decided that if we’re not slim we don’t deserve to have a life filled with joy and love. I say ENOUGH! I’ve developed As You Are as a way of guiding people towards self-love and acceptance. There’s a lot to change, and there is joy in the journey.