Are you ready to let go of the people and things that are sabotaging your self-worth?

How often are you bombarded with the kind of messaging that can sometimes leave you feeling a little empty?

New Season, New You!

Is this the year you’re finally going to…

Hey! Join this new class/gym/club/program!

Get a new, sexy body in six weeks!

It’s in your inbox, on your TV and all over the internet. It’s the topic of conversation at work, at lunch with friends, and at family gatherings.

Well, I hesitate to add to the noise, but I have something different to tell you that I think is important.

I want to break through the hype.

I have one thing I wish I could lean in and whisper to you right now: You are perfect. Exactly as you are.

During our FREE webinar on Feb 27, we’re going to look at a gentle way to make some transitions.  Learning to truly love yourself is a life’s work, and you don’t need to try to do it all in an intensive, all-in, study.  What about taking the time to really consider the studies, the stories, and the small steps that are part of a growing appreciation for one’s self?

A recent study of overweight people showed that many of them  are craving greater self acceptance and more self-confidence.  We’ll be tackling these two issues when we look at eliminating ways we are sabotaged.


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What people say…

“I contacted Joan and what I encountered made me weep silently on the phone as this lady who did not even know me and had never met me understood my dream, my fears, and my dedication. I am forever grateful for her giving me back a piece of myself.”

“Not many people seem to be looking out for fat folks (unless they’re trying to sell us a diet). Joan’s the real thing.”

“I think for the most part the folks who really need things like this are overlooked. Thank you for remembering us. It was nice dealing with Joan. She took the time to answer all my many questions. Very pleasant experience.”

About Joan Denizot

Joan is the founder of, the only company in the world that specializes in bicycles for heavy people.  After many years of working with big people as customers, the awareness that too many of us are extremely self-critical and sad has highlighted her need to reach out in another way.  We each deserve a life filled with joy and love, no matter our size.

Joan is an entrepreneur and a teacher.  Her passion is helping people reach the state of really loving themselves.

You are perfect, just as you are.
You are beautiful right now.
You are enough in this moment.

Don’t hesitate, join the FREE webinar now to remember this and to take steps to cement it in your life!

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