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About me

I'm Joan Denizot

After spending a lot of time learning to like, then accept, and then really love myself, it has become my passion to see other people live full lives, too.

I’m Joan Denizot, the Founder of ZizeBikes.com. Zize Bikes is the only company world-wide that specializes in bicycles for heavy people. I started Zize Bikes because I wanted to ride a bike, and I learned that bikes were not built strong enough for people who weigh more than 250 pounds. I wasn’t having any of THAT, so I built a company that produces strong, smooth-riding bikes that can hold riders up to 550 pounds.

Twelve years of working with big people as customers has highlighted something else for me, and that is the isolation too many of us put ourselves through. It’s as if we’ve decided that if we’re not slim we don’t deserve to have a life filled with joy and love. I say ENOUGH! I’ve developed As You Are as a way of guiding people towards self-love and acceptance. There’s a lot to change, but there is joy in the journey. Let’s begin it now!


Listen to what my clients say

  • “I think for the most part the folks who really need things like this are overlooked. Thank you for remembering us. It was nice dealing with Joan. She took the time to answer all my many questions. Very pleasant experience.”
  • “Not many people seem to be looking out for fat folks (unless they’re trying to sell us a diet). Joan’s the real thing.”
  • “I contacted Joan and what I encountered made me weep silently on the phone as this lady who did not even know me and had never met me understood my dream, my fears, and my dedication. I am forever grateful for her giving me back a piece of myself.”
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